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Amphitheater View at sunset

Our Mission

It is our prayer that God will grow Camp ToknowHim into a place that will strengthen youth in Christ, proclaim the gospel to the lost, and nurture God's people in the truth of His Word. We believe it can be used of God to provide a place of rest, challenge God's people, and equip them for service and ministry, all to glorify God.


Mission groups from our local community as well as groups from all over the United States have contributed their time to help build Camp ToknowHim from the ground up. Professional craftsmen have given their services to support this ministry. God has opened doors in ways only He can. From needed supplies to the expansion of camp resources, God is truly working to provide for future campers and those involved today.

Roy and Ginny Nelson started the construction of the camp in 2000. When the first group asked to stay at the camp, the camp was still a long way from being finished - most of the buildings were just barely shelled in! Despite knowing this, the group wanted to have their camp there... So they did! There were people sleeping on the floor, crowding in everywhere they could to find a spot to sleep. 

Ever since then, Camp ToknowHim has continued to grow based on the needs of our groups. As a non-profit, all proceeds go back into the camp, providing its funding for new construction and maintenance. We strive to keep everything beautiful and be good stewards of the property, and to be the kind of place our groups want to keep coming back to year after year.

group bonfire
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